About Us

ATPAC has been proud of its ability to link reliable service with competitive pricing when providing transportation logistics solutions. All of our customers, whether large multi-national corporations or small niche market suppliers, experience ATPAC’s dedicated attention to follow-up that is maintained throughout transit.

ATPAC is situated close to the port of Montreal as well as sharing the same relative location as the port of Valleyfield and the CSX Intermodal Rail hub.

Along with providing international trucking services between the 3 countries of North America, ATPAC also provides cross-country domestic services in Canada.

Whether your needs are driven by time constraints or economics, we can help you decide which transportation solution fits you best.

ATPAC represents hundreds of reputable asset-based trucking companies as well as offering intermodal service throughout North America.

Our operations staff is there to assist you with any custom-related issues.

Through our valued network of supply chain partners, we help our clients successfully meet the ever-increasing transportation challenges that are faced on a daily basis. Our experienced and highly motivated operations team make every effort to meet (and exceed) your domestic and international shipping requirements.