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Cross Border Freight Services

Atpac - Cross Border Freight Broker - North America Wide

At ATPAC Transportation, we understand the importance of an efficient and reliable cross-border freight broker. Whether you're shipping goods between the United States and Canada or Mexico, our experienced team is here to provide you with seamless transportation solutions that meet your unique needs.

North American Cross Border Freight

Why Choose ATPAC Transportation for Cross Border Freight?

Expertise in Cross Border Logistics: With years of experience in cross-border shipping, we have developed a deep understanding of the complexities involved in navigating international transport commodities. Our team will ensure that your freight is handled with regulatory compliance and diligent follow-up, minimizing delays and maximizing efficiency.

Extensive Network: Our extensive network of trusted carriers and customs brokers enables us to provide you with comprehensive coverage across North America. From major cities to remote regions, we have the resources to handle your cross-border shipments to destinations in Canada, the USA, and Mexico.


Flexible Transportation Solutions: Every business has unique requirements when it comes to cross-border freight. At ATPAC Transportation, we offer a range of flexible transportation solutions to cater to your specific needs. Whether you require full truckload (FTL), less than truckload (LTL), or intermodal transportation, we have the capabilities to optimize your supply chain.

Commitment to Customer Satisfaction: At ATPAC Transportation, our priority is your satisfaction. We strive to exceed your expectations by providing personalized customer service, transparent communication, and timely delivery of your freight. Your success is our success.

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Partner with ATPAC Transportation for your Cross Border Freight Needs

When it comes to cross border commerical transport, ATPAC Transportation is your trusted partner. With our expertise, extensive network, and commitment to customer satisfaction, we will ensure that your cross border shipments reach their destinations efficiently and cost-effectively.


Contact us today to discuss your cross border freight requirements and experience the ATPAC Transportation difference. When you have loads on your mind, ATPAC’s capable team can effectively manage your logistics needs.

Transport Truck - Cross Border Transport

ATPAC can transport the following types of freight within North America, including:
LTL (less than truckload)
LTL shipping is a service where multiple shipments from different customers are combined into a single truckload, making it a cost-effective option for shipping smaller quantities of goods.
FTL (full truckload)
FTL shipping involves reserving an entire truck for a single shipment, typically for larger quantities of goods that can fill the entire truck. Truckload service is needed when transit time is critical, dedicated service, and set appointments are required.
Over-dimensional transportation
Over-dimensional transportation, a specialized subset of trucking logistics, deals with the transportation of cargo that exceeds standard size and weight limits. This category typically includes oversized or heavy items such as machinery, construction equipment, wind turbine components, and more.

Protective Service Transportation
Protective service transportation refers to a specialized segment of the transportation industry that focuses on safeguarding high-value and sensitive cargo during transit. This category of transportation is crucial for industries dealing with items like fine art, jewelry, pharmaceuticals, confidential documents, and valuable electronics.

HAZ-MAT Commodities
Haz-Mat (Hazardous Materials) commodities represent a category of cargo that poses potential risks to health, safety, and the environment due to their hazardous nature. These materials can include chemicals, flammable substances, radioactive materials, and other dangerous goods

Temperature-Sensitive Shipments
Temperature-sensitive shipments represent a critical aspect of trucking logistics, catering to industries where maintaining precise temperature conditions is paramount. This category of cargo includes pharmaceuticals, perishable foods, medical supplies, and chemicals, among others. Ensuring that these goods are transported within a specified temperature range is essential to preserve their quality, efficacy, and safety.

Container Transport (transfer and returns)
Container transport is a cornerstone of modern logistics, revolutionizing the way goods are shipped and handled worldwide. It involves the use of standardized cargo containers, typically 20 or 40 feet in length, to transport a wide range of products across various modes of transportation, including ships, trains, and trucks. These containers are designed for efficiency, security, and versatility, allowing for easy loading and unloading, as well as seamless transfer between different modes of transport.

Flatbed shipping is a specialized and versatile mode of transportation within the logistics industry. It involves the use of flatbed trailers, which have an open and flat cargo area without sides or a roof. This design makes flatbeds ideal for transporting oversized, irregularly shaped, or heavy cargo that cannot fit inside standard enclosed trailers. Industries such as construction, manufacturing, and agriculture often rely on flatbed shipping to transport items like machinery, building materials, large equipment, and even vehicles.

Curtain Side
Curtain side shipping, also known as curtain-side transportation or curtain-side trailers, is a method of cargo transportation that utilizes specially designed trailers with flexible curtains or tarp-like sides instead of solid walls. These trailers are equipped with sliding curtains made of durable materials, typically vinyl or reinforced fabric, which can be easily opened and closed, similar to curtains on a window. This design allows for convenient and quick access to the cargo from both sides of the trailer. Curtain-side trailers are commonly used for transporting goods that may require side loading or unloading, such as palletized freight, machinery, and other oversized or awkwardly shaped items.

Heavy Haul
Heavy haul in logistics refers to the transportation of oversized and extremely heavy cargo that exceeds standard legal weight and size limits. This specialized segment of logistics involves the movement of items such as industrial machinery, construction equipment, large transformers, wind turbine components, and more. Heavy haul shipments often require specialized equipment, including multi-axle trailers and lowboy trailers with the capacity to distribute weight and support massive loads.

"Oversize" or "Oversized" refers to cargo or freight that exceeds the standard legal limits for size, weight, or dimensions set by regulatory authorities. Oversize cargo is typically larger, heavier, or bulkier than what can be transported using standard transportation methods or vehicles. This category of freight can include items such as large machinery, construction equipment, industrial components, and even modular buildings.

What type of cross border freight do you transport?

Choose ATPAC for your North American Commercial Freight Brokerage Needs!

At ATPAC Transportation, we strive diligently to ensure complete control over all shipments we handle. No matter the size or destination, our customers can rely on our operations team to communicate any issues in a timely manner. Thanks to our strong network, ATPAC provides the best service possible

ATPAC Transportation - Your complete commercial trucking and logistics solution since 1992!

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We offer logistic services for all types of freight moving within Canada and cross border to and from the United States and Mexico using the services of hundreds of reputable trucking companies as well as offering intermodal service throughout North America.

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